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Here’s what I love about auctions, and classic car auctions in particular.

Obviously the main intent is to sell some cars for big money, but the beneficial side-effect of curating these auctions for us regular folks is that the preceding event turns into a popup museum.

What Sotheby’s has done with the lots leading up to their December auction is to create a retail museum, where you can just enjoy the exotica and engineering like you would any art exhibit, but if you have the pocketbook you can buy the art on display.

Driven by Disruption Website


The description from the Sotheby’s website…

Following a momentous debut in 2013, RM Sotheby’s returns to New York City for the second iteration of its watershed Art of the Automobile exhibition and auction. Previously slated for November, the 2015 event will now take place December 10 in the Sotheby’s 10th floor galleries,  – coinciding with one of the most spectacular times of the year in New York City.

Entitled Driven By Disruption, the December auction will showcase the extremes of motoring history and the molds that were broken by engineers and designers pushing the automotive envelope. Whether it be a stunningly beautiful coachbuilt automobile, a wild, untraditional design, or a marvel of high performance engineering, the auction will exclusively focus on creatively styled, pioneering automobiles. All entries will be handpicked for their rarity, significance to design, engineering, and the outstanding achievement they represent in automotive history.

With an extraordinary $63 million in sales achieved in 2013, Driven by Disruption is set to amplify these past results, , lifting the gavel on a carefully curated selection of 30 iconic vehicles, along with a select range of automotive-themed artwork. As a prelude to the exclusive evening auction on December 10, a six-day exhibition will open the weekend of December 5 in Sotheby’s 10th floor galleries.

With consignment space limited, please contact a CarSpecialist at RM Sotheby’s today to discuss inclusion in this truly unique event.




Driven by Disruption
Sotheby’s New York
1334 York Avenue
New York, New York, 10021

Driven by Disruption Website